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About me

  • Name: Ørjan Eriksen
  • Age: 38
  • Work: Nothing right now
  • Hobby: Computer, Gaming, Hockey, Car, Detailing (Cars & Bikes)
  • Kids: Yes, 1 daughter 13 years old.
I like playing games, and do use alot of my time playing. 
I do play alot different games, like COD, Fortnite, Valorant, Age of Empires, Star Citizen, GTA V, and alot more. More about games i play you find i «Games«

I also do attend to Hockey, my spare time is eeither watching my kid play hockey. Or the senior team in my city! 
Its called Storhamar Hockey. I also do work in the production for the team where i play with buttons in the live production.
More things about me is that im very nice and helpful, i love to help people with whatever they want help with.
This will be updated…

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